The Pre-Arrival Process

Step 1: Fill out the box label template and attach one label to each box you are sending us. Please make sure that the labels are clearly visible and secured by taping them to the box with clear tape.

  • Box label templates can be downloaded here. There are 6 labels to a page so you will need to cut them.

  • It is crucial that you follow all instructions and fill out all information correctly

Step 2: Place an order for the items you would like to ship to us for Pre-Arrival delivery to your student, by clicking here, but first please read through the rest of the steps laid out below. Fill out all information correctly at checkout.

  • We work with Cornell to ensure your boxes are delivered to the right room, therefore it is crucial you provide us with your student’s name and NetID as shown on his/her Cornell Student Center account.

Step 3: Ship your boxes to us with the above labels (from Step 1) filled out and attached to each box

  • Please make sure each box has a label (from Step 1) which includes your student’s name and NetID as shown in his/her Cornell Student Center, and all the other requested information on the label.

  • Make sure your box(es) arrives by Monday August 19th, 2019 or you will be charged a late fee and the box will not be delivered to your room

  • After the cutoff date we no longer have access to Cornell dorms; therefore, any boxes received after the cutoff date will be available for pickup from one of the Cornell service centers on campus (Robert Purcell Community Center or Appel) within one week of the box’s arrival. We will work to the best of our ability to get your student’s packages to the service center as quickly as possible.

  • Address all of your boxes to

    • {Your Full Name} ; {Your NetID}
      C/O Big Red Shipping & Storage
      484 Ridge Rd
      Lansing, NY 14882

Step 4: Before sending your boxes, confirm that you have followed all of our steps

  • In order to provide you the best service possible, we need you to complete each of our steps properly

Step 5: Look for the confirmation email notifying you that we have received your box(es).

  • Please do not delete any confirmation emails or throw away any delivery receipts until after move-in.

Step 6: Arrive on campus, and your boxes will be waiting in your room!

  • As noted above, if either the information on the box labels is incorrect or the package arrives after the cutoff date of Monday August 19th, the package will not be delivered to your room. Instead you can pick the package up from one of the Cornell service centers (e.g. Robert Purcell Community Center, Appel).

Step 7: Please visit the FAQs page to answer any additional questions!

Thank you for your Business!