Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I placed an order for Pre-Arrival delivery but want to ship more boxes than I originally thought, what do I do?

    • Don’t worry! Just fill out another form and select the “additional boxes” checkbox

  2. I want to ship something from a third party vendor (ex: Bed, Bath & Beyond, Amazon, Target, etc.) to you can I do that?

    • Yes you can! Just make sure you address the packages as follows:

      • {Your Full Name} ; {Your NetID}
        C/O Big Red Shipping & Storage
        484 Ridge Rd
        Lansing, NY 14882

  3. I shipped my box before the cutoff date but I don’t know if it is going to make it in time. What happens if it arrives after the cutoff date?

    • We unfortunately will not be able to deliver your box to your room due to university restrictions, but your box will be available for pickup in one of the Cornell service centers on North Campus (e.g Robert Purcell Community Center, Appel). Be sure to get tracking information when you ship your boxes so you can confirm delivery.

  4. What happens if I forgot to label one of the boxes I sent or labeled it improperly?

    • Improperly labeled boxes are harder for us to track due to the large volume of boxes we receive. Boxes with missing information will be made available for pickup from one of the service centers on campus (i.e. Robert Purcell Community Center or Appel) within one week of the box’s arrival to our warehouse.

  5. Will I be charged if my boxes arrive after the cutoff date?

    • Yes, you will be charged $15 for every box that arrives after the cutoff date, with a maximum late charge of $90. Therefore, 7 or more late boxes will be charged the same as 6 late boxes.

  6. How does insurance work?

    • We provide $100 of insurance coverage on each item once it arrives at our warehouse, but they are not insured before that. Please hold on to all receipts.

  7. Where can I find the box labels for my boxes?

    • You can download them here

  8. How should I attach the labels to my packages?

    • Making sure that we can see all of the information is the best way to ensure smooth delivery! Therefore, please tape all labels to their respective boxes with clear packing tape.

  9. Will my things be secure in the dorm room after they have been delivered?

    • Yes! We lock the rooms after we have delivered your things.

  10. What’s the best way to reach Big Red if I have more questions?

    • Email is the best way to reach us. Send us a message at You can also call us at (607) 272-2000 ext. 222